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Right now you may be facing the biggest career change of your life. It’s a new world and a new way of being in the world. Fortunately, as humans we are built for change. We may feel uncomfortable but that doesn’t mean it’s not good, it just means you have to refocus and adjust your lens on life. If you are ready to start your own business, then that’s what we do, really well.


Step 1: Branding & Message

A 90 Min session with Brand Expert and Transformation Coach, Scarlett Vespa to uncover your USP (unique selling proposition). Whether you know exactly what your new business direction as yet or not, Scarlett will help you step into clarity and purpose during this jam-packed first session. During the branding and asset building process, you will have 3 or 4 Sessions to keep processing the new entity and how to bring that to life. In the sessions, you will:

>> Get clarity on your goals
>> Get clarity on your goals
>> Identify the services & pricing
>> Uncover any blocks
>> Build your avatar (client type)
>> Map out a plan to market yourself

“She guides you every step of the way on the journey, she lets you be yourself so you can find yourself. I highly recommend her!” 

Christie, Sydney

“I have absolute trust in her – people say I am not the same person, my transformation has lead me to many new business opportunities and a new relationship.”

Julie, Sydney AUS


Step 3: Website Design

The intuitive process infuses the vision of the brand into the website design. This look and feel will reach across all elements including your social media and digital assets. Website pages include Home; About; Services; Testimonials; Blog; Contact and if you wish to have a shop (additional cost) we can tailor something for you. The website will be integrated with a newsletter capability (Mailchimp), your social media links, emails from the contact page to your email, setting up basic SEO & Metadata, Google Analytics and will, of course, be mobile-friendly. We also manage the maintenance and hosting of the website. You’ll receive:

>> A WordPress website Design of 4-6 pages
Setting up of Blog and 3 posts to get you started
>> Your service page with booking system integrated
Integration & set up of Gmail and Newsletter
Basic SEO & Google Analytics

Step 4: Social Media Set Up, Design & Templates

Have the right flow and look across your brand is vital and your social media headers, logos are what comes at this final stage. We will set up your social accounts and/or design the headers and give you a template to use on Canva including your first 9 posts on Instagram to show the flow. Plus a social media scheduling template. In fact you will have full access to over 100 worksheets and templates in The Conscious Room – yes you will have a ONE YEAR membership FREE! You’ receive:

>> Social Media Set up of Accounts
Design of Headers for LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Instagram
Template creation for Instagram + 6 post design
Integration into Website


>> 4 x 90 Min Branding Sessions with Scarlett Vespa
>> Logo Design & Asset Creation for Business
>> Website Build on WordPress & Integrations
>> 3 x Social Media Accounts Set up with Headers Designs
>> Set up Gmail + Signature for Your Email
>> 12 Months FREE Membership to The Conscious Room
>> Guest Interview on our Media Platforms

TOTAL $4,250
Note: Fees in USD (AUD on brochure below) and doesn’t include Tax. Website doesn’t include hosting, domain name, imagery (only use of free stock) and Gmail. Payment is 50% upfront to commence and 2nd 50% 4 weeks later unless otherwise negotiated (100% upfront you will receive 10% Discount). See T&C’s when signing up. 

“She’s so incredible at being able to sink into who you are, she brings out what is unique about you and the results are truly magical.”

Josephine, Sydney AUS

“Working with Scarlett is a JOY!
SO many opportunities have opened up for my business since working with her – I highly recommend!”

Carrie, Sydney AUS