Pricing + Services Template


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Mrs V has made her own Pricing + Services (6 Pages) available to you.

You’ll get:

–  PDF version that you can edit in Adobe Acrobat
–  POWERPOINT version that you can change to suit you
–  Mrs V’s direction and guidance on copy
– Excel version automatic adds and totals
– Links to fonts that Mrs V uses
NB: Photos are placement and not included in your downloads

{This template is always updated as it is used in the ‘Brand to Launch’ Course, therefore the downloads will be dated. Always feel free to check in for latest versions on any templates}


Working out your value and how you price yourself is often a very big issue for most. I have had lots of sessions with people determining what they should charge and you’ll find this this is a trigger for most. Why? Because it’s about our value. Most often people are great negotiating for others, but when we come to negotiating for ourselves, something gets in the way. Here I have created instructions on how to price PLUS the template and pitch document to create for yourself.