Learn How to Raise Your Consciousness

Allowing yourself to take that step towards change is of itself, the start of your transformation. Scarlett Vespa, Brand-Maker and Transformation Coach works with those who are ready and willing to take that journey to be the best version of themselves.

She works by identifying the ‘conscious code’ in a person. This code expresses itself everyday in the actions, the circumstances and the type of consistent challenges that take place in their life. Once identified, then an alchemy takes place that integrates the change as a whole, creating transformation and a true life shift. Uncovering your true purpose becomes a natural consequence of the transformational journey. Scarlett has created a Program that will create exponential lasting transformation, see The Conscious Codes Transformation Program below, you can do the Program as a group or individually. 

About The Program

This program is all about raising your consciousness to access more of YOU! I believe that we are all purpose-built and our life journey is about uncovering that purpose, so to start the process, you need to focus on raising your consciousness to access that information. Part of the program is to evolve that internal process you use to live your life, the thoughts that arise, the actions your take and decisions you make that ultimately create your life. Life is not static and that is why what is important is to know how you work, how you express that hidden code. Then you can unlock your potential for a growth mindset as you live your life purpose.

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness at its simplest is awareness is being awake. The term ‘higher consciousness’ simply means awakening and reaching a new sense of aliveness, which is why it’s called waking up.
The main difference between those who are fully conscious and those who are not, depends on their level of awareness. Someone who is in a full state of consciousness will be more in tune with the inner self; allowing their choices and actions to be guided by awareness and not their thoughts. Whereas if someone is awake but are engaged in thought, their consciousness is asleep.

Step 1

Identify Your Codes

The Conscious Code runs through all of us and holds your purpose which is unique to YOU. The code is made up of our family history, our culture, experiences and your pre-planned commitment to achieve something you deeply need and want in this life – a part of your purpose. This alchemy of YOU holds the key to your ‘why’. When we unlock this code, we access the individual elements that allow us to unpack the way your mind perceives life, the reason for obstacles and the underlying destiny. Identification is a vital part of the change, healing and transformation.

Step 2

Write New Codes

After uncovering the codes within you, you then can rebuild new ones. During this step, we can identify goals built out of the new information we have gathered from Step 1. These new goals are unique because they are built from the deep understanding of your motivation in life, from your relationships, your career, health and lifestyle. The experience of uncovering your code allows the emergence of even deeper unseen blocks and desires due to the nature of the ever-evolving process.

Step 3

Integrate + Evolve

With new codes written for your life, it’s time to plan how that will impact current goals you may have had before the program. We also look at relationships, work commitments that need to be integrated into this new understanding and clarity. Again, integration is now part of that ever-changing landscape of life. We know that life is not static and in this last step, we look at how to also re-write and evolve YOU as you move forward on your path.

The Results Include:

>> Crystal Clear Intuition Making Right Choices Consistently
>> Career Growth Better performance and problem solving
>> Manifesting Power Goals become a reality faster
>> Boost Creativity Find greater inspiration 
>> Grounded Inner Peace A greater sense of wellbeing
>> Be Your Own Coach Coach yourself through challenges
>> Uncover Your Life Purpose Gain direction and focus  in on your calling